Broadway Campus in Europe

About Broadway Campus in Europe

Broadway Campus Europe seeks to present revolutionary musical theater workshops for performing artists at the student and professional level.

Our team is a dynamic collective of performers, teachers, and administrators whose work is based in the New York City and Broadway community, but extends across the U.S. and abroad.

Having experienced the thrill of a hugely successful 10 day workshop in Zagreb in July of 2019, it became clear that there are many other passionate individuals who desire to expand the notion of what is possible in their vocal and theatrical craft.

Our resolve became to create additional educational opportunities to connect our work to communities throughout Europe.

Over the past 10 years and through affiliations with Voice Connection International (VCI) and AMDA in New York City, members of our team have taught musical theater workshops in schools around the globe ranging from Bangkok to Sao Paolo, Beijing to Boston, Taipei to Toronto, as well as London and Paris.

The invaluable observations and knowledge gathered from these incredible experiences has raised the level of training that is available at our workshops to new creative heights.

The workshops are designed with the objective of connecting individually with each participant: assessing their potential and helping them to expand upon their amazing abilities as artists.

We are very excited about this workshop and hope you will join us in this new musical theater adventure!

The number of participants is limited!