Musical Theater Workshop
Broadway Campus in Europe

Find. Define. Refine.

Discover the Joys of Theater through Song and Dance

Join artists from around the world on a fun-filled musical theater adventure.

Students, professional artists (from theater, music, and film/TV), teachers, and others in the theatrical world are invited to immerse their passion, talents, and joy in our summer workshop.

All classes are taught by working professionals from New York City who have extensive international credits and firsthand knowledge of the Broadway world. Our students regularly perform on Broadway, in regional theaters, national and international tours, and on film and TV. We have passed our insights and techniques onto students in Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, Taipei, Shanghai, London, Paris, Zagreb and many other cities. Hundreds have been inspired to bring greater depth to their work from our lessons. Over the years, some of these participants have gained national and international recognition.

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Note: The number of participants is limited!

The workshop will include classes in body awareness/movement, dance, vocal technique, acting, diction, text analysis, repertoire, theater history, and auditioning. Each student will be given ample one-on-one coaching and feedback everyday.
Workshops always commence with a friendly audition by which the faculty can assess each person’s skills. We use the information gathered to create groups and choose repertoire. Next, we learn physical and singing warm-ups as an ensemble. These illuminating exercises which will serve as an introduction to the technical foundations we will be building upon throughout the intensive. The days to come will be filled with a remarkable potpourri of classes, rehearsals, and recreational activities. Exciting performance opportunities will be sprinkled throughout the itinerary, including two public showcases.

Learning to connect the mind and body will be a constant theme. Through ballet, jazz, contemporary styles, and “singing while dancing,” you will discover how to unleash a more personal connection to your stagework and a more expansive performance power. You will be challenged whether your are a beginner mover or an advanced dancer.

We will illustrate fullproof techniques for how to master song performance, including how to act a song. Through text and music analysis, you will learn the secrets to honest interpretative choices and how to connect these to your breath and singing.

Our workshops integrate classical vocal technique into everything to create an understanding of healthy singing for all styles of musical theater. Traditional and contemporary pop/rock styles are explored through expert breathing and vocal exercises. We will examine how the low body serves as foundational leader, the perfection of vowels and consonants, and the negotiating of vocal registers.

“A low body connection to the breath creates an honesty which enables every singer to express and truly share their talents with an audience.”

Broadway Campus International is dedicated to nurturing theater performers so that they will find, define, and refine their talents. We are committed to developing the next generation of artists, as well as supporting established artists, teachers, and all who love this miraculous art form.

We invite you to join us in a celebration of the boundless nature of human expression and the splendor of discovery.

The number of participants is limited!