Musical Theater Workshop
Broadway Campus Virtual Edition

Broadway Campus “Virtual Edition”

Online Musical Theater Workshop

While the world endures countless disappoints due to the current pandemic, the faculty of BCI is thrilled to offer an online version of our workshop.

We guarantee the same quality of one-on-one attention that is the foundation of our mission to inspire the next generation of performing artists.

DATES: July 10-12th, 2020

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Note: The number of participants is limited!

The number of participants is limited!

“Can musical theater training be effective in the virtual realm?”

Yes, it can be equally as effective. Our instructors have been coaching professionals and students in this medium for many years. The techniques and exercises we use virtually are customized to the occasion, just the same as they are with “in person” workshops. We evaluate whether a student would most benefit from a physical adjustment, a vocal exercise, or a concept at any given moment. In other words, we utilize a variety of approaches to maximize your growth.

We will still commence with an audition/interview. We will still assign you songs that are tailored to your abilities and interests, providing live guidance as to the musical requirements and interpretative possibilities. You will still have lessons in body awareness/movement, dance, vocal technique, acting, diction, text analysis, repertoire, theater history, and auditioning. The workshop will still culminate in an online performance opportunity and a private evaluation with our faculty.

The number of participants is limited!

While we all regret the inability to share a physical space with you, we have found that virtual classes actually offer some value even beyond what “in person” workshops offers. The lessons are super focused with laser-like intensity because all faces must put their attention on the same thing at the same time. In other words, lack of distraction and maximum use of time. Virtual work depends even stronger individual responsibility for musical accuracy than “in person” training. Acting choices have to be super-concentrated as well because of the proximity of our eyes to one another. Therefore, your musical theater fitness level will expand greatly from our virtual time together!

“What do I need in order to prepared for a virtual workshop.”

Not much!
A quiet space with good lighting and a strong wifi connection.
Two devices (computer, phone, tablet, bluetooth speaker): one for connecting with the class (Zoom app) and one for playing MP3’s of piano accompaniment (we will send to you).
Also, clothing that is comfortable for movement.

The number of participants is limited!